Born in China 1977

Liu Xuanqi

Leo Liu Xuanqi was born in China in 1977. He loved to paint since young and graduated from Shanghai Publishing and Printing College ( the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology ) in Art & Design in 1999. He moved to Singapore in 2006 and left his decade long career as an Art director in design and advertising in 2009 to pursue art full-time. He was awarded the Platinum Award at the 31st UOB Singapore Painting of the Year Competition in 2012. He is a lifetime member of the Singapore Art Association and Executive Member.

Leo’s works fuses modern graphics design elements with traditional painting techniques, achieving a sense of contrast in dynamic design versus still realism. His play on dualism and dialectics inspires reflection on the interaction between tradition and the contemporary, within this rapidly evolving world. He is inspired by history and society at large, often seeking to provoke his audience into thinking about contemporary issues facing humanity and the world around them. In 2012 he also made an important pivot towards fusing charcoal realism with oil paintings to manifest greater freedom in artistic imagination and expression. In 2014 he also begun to explore using contemporary styles to express traditional Chinese ink painting, bringing traditional ink into installation art to achieve an artistic breakthrough in uniqueness and style. His works have sold very well in both auctions and art exhibitions and are widely collected by collectors from both within Asia and also in the Europe and US.


2017            “THE ART OF LEO” UOB Art Gallery, Singapore
                     “EMPTY VALLEY HERMIT” Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore

2016            “BORDER”LUDO Gallery ,Singapore
2012            “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL” Galerie Belvedere Singapore, Singapore
2011            “FLOATING CLOUDS” Dahlia Gallery, Singapore
2010            “EQUILIBRIUM” Forest Rain Gallery, Singapore



2019             S.E.A. Focus, Singapore

2018            “EXPLPRE” A Comprehensive Look Into 8 Artists,Art Redot Gallery, Singapore
                     “IN THE MOOD OF SERENITY ” ,Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong

2017             International Print Exhibition 2017, France
                      Art Expo Malaysia 2017,Art Porters Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
                      Singapore NS50,Singapore
                      Hong Kong Art Central 2017, Art Seasons Gallery, Hong Kong
                      Singapore Art Stage 2017, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore

2016             ART TAIPEI 2016,Art Seasons Gallery, Taipei
                      ART EXPO MALAYSIA 2016,Kuala Lumpur
                      “SOUTH BY SOUTHEAST ART FROM SINGAPORE”,Shanghai
                      Singapore Contemporary Art Show 2016,Singapore

2015             LUDO Gallery (Singapore) “LIU & LUGIS HALLWAY EXHIBITION” , Singapore
                      DAEGU ART FAIR 2015,
                      iPRECIATION GALLERY “PORTABLE ART WEEK”, Singapore
                      HAKAREN ART GALLERY “OUR CHILDHOOD, OUR CITY”, Singapore
                      HAKAREN ART GALLERY “IN CELEBRATION OF SG50”, Singapore
                      ASYAAF 2015, South Korea
                      AAF Hong Kong, Hong Kong
                      65th Singapore Art Society Art Show of Year, Singapore

2014             AAF SINGAPORE, Singapore
                      INSTINC 10 , Singapore
                      Art Loft “Pop-up group show”, Singapore
                      KwerkeeArt “Redefining the value of art”, Singapore

2013             AAF SINGAPORE, Singapore
                      “the big SMALL show”Art Seasons , Singapore

2012             AAF SINGAPORE , Singapore
                      AAF New York, New York
                      Singapore Art Museum – 31th UOB Painting of the Year
                      ASIA TOP GALLERY HOTEL ART FAIR 2012, Hong Kong

2011             AAF SINGAPORE, Singapore
                      PERPETUAL SPIRIT “Mercy Relief D’black Cube Pte Ltd, Singapore”, Singapore
                      ART COMPLETE @ The Volvo Art Loft “Can I have some too?”, Singapore
                      ART EXPO MALAYSIA 2011, Kuala Lumpur
                      ASIA TOP GALLERY HOTEL ART FAIR 2011, South Korea
                      “The Language of Abstract Art”The Volvo Art Space , Singapore
                      TAIPEI CONTEMPORARY HOTEL   ART FAIR 2011, Taipei
                      CHANHAMPE GALLERY     “Notes In Idolatry-Vessel” , Singapore
                      ASIA TOP GALLERY HOTEL ART FAIR 2011, Hong Kong


Born in China 1977

Liu Xuanqi

刘轩齐,1977 年生于中国,自幼喜爱绘画。 1999 年毕业于上海出版印刷高等专科学校艺术艺术绘画和设计专业(现为上海理工大学出版印刷与艺术设计学院)。2006 年定居新加坡。 2009 年由设计总监转为全职艺术家。曾荣获2004 年“苏州印象”国际海报展铜奖;2007 年获国际年报大赛(International ARC Awards)铜奖;2008 年又获国际年报大赛金奖和铜奖。 2012 年荣获第 31 届大华银行年度绘画比赛“白金奖”。现为新加坡艺术协会永久会员及理事。

刘轩齐擅长写实,创作中融汇当代平面设计元素 ,使作品中静止的写实物体与设计元素“云”形成强烈的对比,一静一动,一阴一阳,反思传统与当代的相互关联和当今世界快速发展的现状,展现了其艺术独特的当代艺术性。2012 年是他艺术发展的转折点,炭笔写实绘画对其产生强烈的影响,让他的艺术思想得到更自由的发挥。自2014 年开始创作当代水墨山水,用当代的艺术语言来诠释传统水墨精神,同时也把装置艺术和行为艺术与水墨相互融合,用更光谱的艺术语言来表现水墨精神。

自 2010 年至今曾先后举办六次个展,并多次参加国际艺术博览会,如 Art Stage Singapore艺 术 登 陆 新 加 坡、Art TaiPei 艺 术 台 北、Art Central HK 香港艺术博览会等。其作品被私人收藏家和公共机构收藏,包括大华银行、新加坡银行迪拜分行等。


2017           “THE ART OF LEO 狮情画意 ”  UOB Art Gallery, 新加坡
                    “EMPTY VALLEY HERMIT  空谷幽兰”季节画廊 Art Seasons Gallery , 新加坡 
2016            “BORDER 边界”LUDO Gallery , 新加坡
2012            “美丽人生”Galerie Belvedere Singapore, 新加坡
2011            “FLOATING CLOUDS  浮云”Dahlia Gallery , 新加坡
2010            “EQUILIBRIUM  平衡”Forest Rain Gallery , 新加坡



2019             S.E.A Focus, 新加坡艺术博览会

2018            “EXPLPRE 探索 ” A Comprehensive Look Into 8 Artists 艺术八人展,Art Redot Gallery 新加坡
                     “IN THE MOOD OF SERENITY 五色十光 ” 十人展,Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre 香港视觉艺术中心

2017             International Print Exhibition 2017 法国国际版画三年展 , 法国
                      Art Expo Malaysia 2017 马来西亚艺术博览会,Art Porters Gallery 吉隆坡
                      Singapore NS50 “国民服艺”艺术展,新加坡
                      Hong Kong Art Central 2017, Art Seasons Gallery, 香港
                      Singapore Art Stage  2017 艺术登入新加坡国际艺术博览会,Art Seasons Gallery, 新加坡

2016             ART TAIPEI 2016 台北艺术博览会 ,Art Seasons Gallery, 台北
                      ART EXPO MALAYSIA 2016 马来西亚艺术博览会,吉隆坡
                      “东南偏南 – 来自新加坡的艺术”,新加坡艺术家上海五人展,上海
                      新加坡当代艺术博览会 2016,新加坡

2015             LUDO Gallery (Singapore) “LIU & LUGIS HALLWAY EXHIBITION”双人展 , 新加坡
                      韩国大邱艺术博览会 DAEGU ART FAIR 2015, 韩国
                      谁先觉画廊 iPRECIATION GALLERY “PORTABLE ART WEEK”, 新加坡
                      HAKAREN ART GALLERY “OUR CHILDHOOD, OUR CITY”, 新加坡
                      HAKAREN ART GALLERY “IN CELEBRATION OF SG50”, 新加坡
                      ASYAAF 2015, 韩国
                     ” 新加坡制造之小物件,大故事”, 新加坡
                      AAF Hong Kong, 香港
                     新加坡艺术协会 65 周年画展 , 新加坡

2014             AAF SINGAPORE, 新加坡
                      INSTINC 10 “运动中的艺术”, 新加坡
                      Art Loft “Pop-up group show”, 新加坡
                      KwerkeeArt “Redefining the value of art”, 新加坡

2013             AAF SINGAPORE, 新加坡
                     “the big SMALL show”Art Seasons 季节画廊 , 新加坡

2012             AAF SINGAPORE , 新加坡
                      AAF New York, 纽约
                      新加坡美术馆 – 2012 第 31 届大华银行绘画比赛获奖作品展出
                      ASIA TOP GALLERY HOTEL ART FAIR 2012 亚洲顶级画廊酒店艺术博览会 , 香港

2011             AAF SINGAPORE, 新加坡
                      PERPETUAL SPIRIT “Mercy Relief D’black Cube Pte Ltd, Singapore”, 新加坡
                      ART COMPLETE @ The Volvo Art Loft “Can I have some too?”, 新加坡
                      ART EXPO MALAYSIA 2011 马来西亚艺术博览会 2011, 吉隆坡
                      ASIA TOP GALLERY HOTEL ART FAIR 2011 亚洲顶级画廊酒店艺术博览会 , 韩国
                     “The Language of Abstract Art”The Volvo 艺术空间  , 新加坡
                      TAIPEI CONTEMPORARY HOTEL ART FAIR 2011 台北当代酒店艺术博览会 , 台北
                      CHANHAMPE GALLERY “Notes In Idolatry-Vessel” , 新加坡
                      ASIA TOP GALLERY HOTEL ART FAIR 2011 亚洲顶级画廊酒店艺术博览会 , 香港